All our sites are hand-made. They are carefully thought-out & crafted; we're proud of our work.

A bit of history

It's only, what, 22 years since we started but so much has changed in terms of the web since then. We're older than Google - that pretty much makes us veterans by Internet standards.

In 1996 Paul Townend started On Screen and it is he...me who is writing this. Our early days were mainly filled with web design, there was no search engine optimisation back then, or pay-per-click campaigns, you just built web sites with whatever platform you chose and that was about it.

Like now, our customers varied quite a lot but we were usually sought by technology or computer hardware companies - those with the most interest in the Internet. Much of our work was with Scan Computers over in Bolton. For several years we designed their sites and did quite a lot of Scan's print advertising for various national publications. Eventually, Scan grew to a level where they needed an in-house web development team but we still keep in touch and they often bring us in for advice on projects.

Almost anyone can build a web site these days. There are plenty of free tools to get you started, or you can employ your daughter's friend's boyfriend who's just finished Uni to do it on the cheap. We don't recommend either approach as we've seen the results; the free site didn't get any traffic and the Uni graduate moved on to pastures new and now you can't get hold of him to update it. We've seen this more than a few times.

In the meantime you've lost customers and that cheap web site suddenly starts looking expensive.

Our approach

First off - it's not about us, it's about you. Smiley Face

Most customers come to us with ideas, sometimes they come to us with a page or two of a brief and on occasion they have a full spec document. Whatever stage you've got to in your plans for a web site or hosting, we'll help you to make it work.

We listen, evaluate and advise on what's best for you & your customers, create an agreed specification and then the real work starts.

The process

Once the paperwork is out of the way, it's on with the show.

Step 1 - Design

We will have already spoken to you about the type of design you have in mind, and we will already have a good idea of how this should look. We'll produce a design for you to look at in the form of an image, this is so we can chop and change things very quickly. Hopefully we hit the nail on the head on the first go, but if not, we take that as a base-line and integrate your feedback. Once this is approved, we then create other key pages in the same way and have you sign off the design ready for the next stage.

Step 2 - Work-in-Progress Site

The building starts here. Once the site is in a usable format we'll give you access so that you can browse this work in progress. We then get this into shape quite quickly and once everyone's happy, we move on to the other pages.

Step 3 - Content

Before Step 1, we will have already discussed list of pages and / or categories and so you will have had plenty of time to get your content together. In simple, static web sites you supply us with this content and we add it for you. In database-driven or e-commerce sites we give you access to your admin area where you can add it yourself (or if you're busy, you can ask us to do it for a fee). Often with CMS systems we include half a day's on-site training - you won't have to read a manual.

Step 4 - Test

Measure twice, cut once - it's a well-worn phrase but it's not worth taking a chance rushing your site out there to discover you've got spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and whatnot.

Step 5 - Launch

The big day has arrived. You may choose to celebrate with champers, but we prefer a cup of tea while making the switch so your site goes live to the public. Hooray!

It doesn't end there

Once your site's live, you're probably going to want to promote it and we can help there too. Perhaps you want to run a pay-per-click campaign, or you want to reach out to the online community in various ways such as Facebook & Twitter. No problem - we've been social networking in some form or other for donkey's years.

Code is added to your site so you can check visitor statistics, so you'll want to look those up. We can explain how to track performance over time and based on results, shape the way you work with your web site. We'll be there every step of the way.

And that's us in a, albeit rather large, nutshell. If you're interested in talking to us, then dial 01924 890283. We're good at talking too.


We have our own high performance servers on premium infrastructure giving you peace of mind that your site and services are in safe hands. It's green too! We're quite happy to tell you where we're hosted - in fact, we're rather proud that we're hosted with HYVE.


Google Apps ResellerAs an authorised Google Apps Reseller, we offer customers the option to use the fully-supported business side of gmail - Google Apps Premier Edition. Gmail is designed so you and your employees can spend less time managing your inboxes, and more time being productive. Very few changes are required and the transition is seamless - what you get is a 99.9% reliability guarantee and a secure & focused email service.

You can sync your mail & calendar with smartphones, interact remotely, store up to 25GB of mail and take advantage of large email attachments.


Nominet LogoWe manage all aspects of domains - registration, ownership, renewals and DNS. As a Nominet Member and Registrar, we have many years experience in handling UK domains as well as .com, .net etc. Quite often customers' domains have been registered incorrectly and we can help with the procedure to re-establish the Registrant.