Of course we can't put every job we've done on here but here's a varied selection.

Christians Carpets

Client: Christian's Carpets Ltd.

Brief: Website and logo.

Description: Changing a company's logo is always a sensitive task. The old logo served Christian's Carpets well for many years but it was time for a revamp and I was given carte blanche. The result is a pair of C's created from circles, and the connection between the two is almost like one C putting its hand on the shoulder of the other - reflecting the bond between the 2 brothers, Simon and Mark Christian. It wasn't intentional but it came out just how I wanted. Clean, sharp, simple.

Launched September 2013, the website contains much more than the old site and displays it in a modern framework, accessible to mobile and desktops alike.

Website: www.christianscarpets.co.uk

Mijas Villas

Client: Mijas Villas Ltd.

Brief: Website, maintenance + ongoing development.

Description: Mijas Villas is a family-run business renting high quality villas in and around the pretty village of Mijas, Spain. For over 10 years we have worked on the site from its humble static html beginnings to the custom feature-rich, content-managed format it's in today. The site takes secure bookings and automatically handles inter-seasonal pricing as well as availability and offers.

In 2013 we launched a complete revamp along with many new features and since then the site statistics show a healthy growth in visitors (UK and international), site engagement and trade.

Website: www.mijas-villas.com

OSCAR Pet Foods

Client: OSCAR Pet Foods Ltd.

Brief: Website and internally-linked e-commerce.

Description: OSCAR is a pet food manufacturer selling their products via a franchise network. E-commerce is linked to Oscar's internal systems by way of a custom CMS thereby combining offline and online ordering.

Website: www.oscars.co.uk

Vasculitis UK

Client: Vasculitis UK

Brief: Content-managed site, logo and training.

Description: Vasculitis UK is a charity run by and for sufferers of the rare blood disease. They already had a site but it was static, underperforming and needed new branding. We were able to monitor the old site for several months ahead of launching the new one and our expectations were blown out of the water; the new site receives more than 6 times the number of unique visitors and all within 1 year.

Website: www.vasculitis.org.uk

24 Security

Client: 24 Security Ltd.

Brief: Website and logo. Design and arrange stationery.

Description: 24 Security needed an identity and a web site to go with it. Their customers range from SME to corporate organisations such as banks and the NHS. They needed a web site with a dozen or so pages that conveyed their business without fuss and which was simple to navigate. They have no need to be able to manage the site themselves and so we built a static html site with search engine friendly URLs.

Website: www.24sec.co.uk

Quick Quotes

"Throughout the planning and design stages Paul gave excellent advice and worked closely with us to ensure that all our requirements were met. He has continued to provide first class service and any requests are dealt with efficiently."

Pat Fearnside,
Vasculitis UK.

"Paul is a major part of my business and has been since we met in 2003. Nothing is a problem and, essentially, I can rely on his high standard of work to be always completed on time."

Ian Fishwick,
Mijas Villas Ltd.

"After meeting dozens of web design and SEO companies and being blinded by science and unrealistic promises; meeting OnScreen was a breath of fresh air. Paul helps to bring ideas to life and has a knack of capturing what we want and adding value. He often takes my ideas to the next level. A pleasure to work with, always on hand and a very nice chap to boot. Highly recommended."

Tim Klapproth,
Oscar Pet Foods Ltd.